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Dialer's Digest
Spring 2014


CTC Smart Home

2014 Annual Meeting

Dialer's Digest
Fall 2013

What's Cookin'?

Scholarship Winners

Wellness News

Dialer's Digest
Spring 2013

2013 Annual Meeting

Employee Perspective

Serving Your Business

Dialer's Digest
Fall 2012

CTCTV Prime Testimonials

Scholarship Winners

Remembering Dave Saatoff

Dialer's Digest
Spring 2012


2012 Fiber Build

2012 Annual Meeting

Dialer's Digest
Fall 2011

Celebrating Our Local Heroes

Save Rural Broadband

New Channels

Dialer's Digest
Spring 2011

2011 Annual Meeting and Community Picnic

Taste of Technology

Secure It

Dialer's Digest
Spring 2010

2010 Annual Meeting and Community Picnic

New CTCIT Services

Construction of Our Fiber Optic Network

Dialer's Digest
Fall 2009

Expanding Fiber Optics

Scholarships Awarded

Staying Well


Dialer's Digest
Spring Summer 2009

2009 Annual Meeting
& Community Picnic

Lori Rubin awarded
Sertoman of the Year

Don Ealy earns CCNA

“Excellence in Leadership”
certificates awarded

Dialer's Digest
Fall Winter 2008

CTC focuses on
wellness with
exchange expedition.

Japanese researcher
visits CTC

Vikings, the Fan,
and CTC?

Dialer's Digest
Spring Summer 2008

Kiss Analog Goodbye

CTC Annual Meeting & BBQ June 11th, 2008

CTC Board Member Recognized


Dialer's Digest
Fall Winter 2007

CTC launches Big Ten Network

Introducing CTC Skywave

NTCA Legislative Conference

Election Recap

Scholarship Winners