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Network Monitoring

Don't leave your business network and valuable data to
chance. CTCIT's proactive approach to network monitoring won't leave you stranded or reacting to a network outage. With just a one-time software install, CTCIT will monitor your network devices and watch for loss in performance and notify you of potential issues.
IT360 responds to your technology concerns with a systematic and comprehensive approach. It allows for proactive management and quick response to the various issues. IT360's overarching service model will deliver an end to end technology recipe to provide comprehensive service, and allows for performance and continuity across the entire technology environment.

Data Backups

Your data back up plan should help you reduce costs while saving you time. CTCIT data back up is real time protection and access to your valuable business information.

Disaster Recovery

If an unpredictable event occurs, rest assure that CTCIT can assist in recovering your business data and get you back and productive. CTCIT can help customize your recovery plan if such an event should happen.

Security Analysis

With so many points of failure throughtout your network, it's critical to protect your business from harmful outside influences. With CTCIT Security protection, your network is safely scanned and searched for security loopholes and breaches to protect your data.


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