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(POP3 or IMAP) Mail Server Settings

Username: Your full email address (example) youremailaddress@brainerd.net (littlefalls.net, nisswa.net, staplesnet.com, pierz.net, or crosbyironton.net).

Password: Refer to your records for your password or call our business office to retrieve it.

Incoming Mail Server: mail.brainerd.net

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.brainerd.net

If you're checking mail through a computer or mobile device outside of the CTC Network (from another provider), consider setting up the account as IMAP, or change the outgoing mail server port number to 2525.

TIP: Instructions for setting up mail clients for computers or mobile devices differ from program to program and can be found in the help instructions with your computer or device, or by searching for instructions on the internet. For instance, for Windows Mail, search for "How to setup email for windows mail" and follow the instructions using our mail server settings for your program.

Settings and instructions for Android and iOS devices can be found on this page.

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