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IP Centrex Business Phones

Business phone solutions by CTC

The latest technology for business phone solutions, CTC offers Cisco IP Phones for your business. Benefit from the flexibility of IP phones and all the features available with IP Centrex.

Full features and functionality for all business applications:
  1. IP Centrex grows with your company, with no limitations or high cost to upgrade your phone system.
  2. Flexibility! Plug your IP phone into your home internet connection, or move it within your office. Take your business calls and your contact list with you no matter where you travel.
  3. Web Portal Access! Logon to the CTC web portal to check voice mails, enable and disable features, or set up conference calls.
Business Phone Lines

CTC offers traditional phone service that integrates with your current phone system. You can keep all your current phone numbers and the features you have today. CTC has a solution for any business application whether it's standard business phone lines, T1 or PRI services.

Fax to eMail

CTC realizes there are a lot of ways to communicate to your employees and customers. That’s why CTC offers Fax to eMail service. Fax to eMail allows you to receive all your incoming faxes to any eMail box of your choice. All faxes come in a PDF form that allows you to print a copy or forward the eMail to employees or customers.

VoiceMail to eMail

Yet another offer from CTC to help you streamline your business communication tools. With VoiceMail to eMail, when someone leaves you a VoiceMail on your business phone number, the program will automatically forward an eMail to an eMail box of your choice that you can open, and therefore listen to the voice file over your computer speakers.

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