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*Not yet available in all areas. Call to verify if service is available in your neighborhood.

Control your TV

With CTC|DVR you are in control. Pause, record even rewind live TV with CTC|DVR. You get to decide when to watch your favorite programming. It’s like the YOU network, for you, by you, the ultimate in TV.

Programming on demand.

With DVR you can watch one show while recording another.  Easily record your favorite shows, games or movies without VHS tapes or setting timers.

Record your favorite show, movie or sporting event.

Let CTC|DVR remember when to record your favorite show, movie or sporting event. DVR allows you to capture a single episode or an entire season, simply enter in your favorite, sit back, and CTC|DVR will take care of the rest. Can’t make it home for the big game, rest assured CTC|DVR will have your team’s game recorded and ready to watch when you are.

Contact CTC

Phone: 218-454-1234