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Fiber Optics

CTC Fiber Optics Installation

We are very excited about the opportunity to start the construction of a new fiber-optic network in your area! This new network will replace our current copper network and will allow CTC to offer faster Internet speeds in addition to many upgrades and services to our TV products.

This venture will require CTC to partner with construction companies to help with the completion of this project. CTC has chosen MP Nexlevel Corporation to install fiber-optic facilities and equipment to your home. Construction will begin in July 2013.  Home Installation will begin March and April 2014.   




Below is the planned sequence of events:


SITE SURVEY – Our construction partner will be calling to schedule a visit to your residence. This visit is anticipated to be 15 to 30 minutes in duration.

BURYING OF FIBER-OPTIC CABLE – The construction of burying cable will be in two phases:

  1. DISTRIBUTION - You will see cable boring equipment in your neighborhood as well as pedestal and cabinet installation activities.
  2. DROP - The fiber-optic cable will require a drop from the distribution at the road directly to your home.

INSTALLATION OF CABLE AND EQUIPMENT AT YOUR HOME – The fiber-optic cable will be installed into your home and hooked up to a fiber-optic terminal.

CUT-OVER OF EXISTING SERVICES – Your existing telephone, Internet and TV services will be switched over from the current copper lines to the new fiber-optic lines.

INSTALLATION OF NEW SERVICES – You will have an opportunity to add digital TV service to multiple TV’s, High Definition TV service, and faster Internet.

We will continue to strive to meet the expectations from our members. Installing this new fiber-optic network to your home will allow us to now offer higher Internet speeds and TV services while having the technology in place to offer new services well into the future. We appreciate your cooperation during the construction and invite you to call us at 800-753-9104 with any concerns you may have.




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