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Fiber Optics

CTC Fiber Optics Q&A

To help understand some of the questions that you may have with our fiber optic construction efforts we have posted some frequently asked questions to help...

Q. What are the steps I need to be aware of when having fiber optics installed at my home?

A. Below is the planned sequence of events:

SITE SURVEY – Our construction partner will be calling to schedule a visit to your residence. This visit is anticipated to be 15 to 30 minutes in duration.

BURYING OF FIBER-OPTIC CABLE – The construction of burying cable will be in two phases:

  1. DISTRIBUTION - You will see cable boring equipment in your neighborhood as well as pedestal and cabinet installation activities.
  2. DROP - The fiber-optic cable will require a drop from the distribution at the road directly to your home.

INSTALLATION OF CABLE AND EQUIPMENT AT YOUR HOME – The fiber-optic cable will be installed into your home and hooked up to a fiber-optic terminal.

CUT-OVER OF EXISTING SERVICES – Your existing telephone, Internet and TV services will be switched over from the current copper lines to the new fiber-optic lines.

INSTALLATION OF NEW SERVICES – You will have an opportunity to add digital TV service to multiple TV’s, High Definition TV service, and faster Internet.

Q. Will my rates go up?

A. This construction project is being completed by your Cooperative at no cost to you. Even your monthly service will not be affected in most cases unless you chose to bundle your home service if you didn’t have a chance to do with our copper network.

Q. Will I have to be at home during the installation?

A. You will need to be home during the site survey which we will directly schedule with you to best accommodate your schedule. The appointment generally does not exceed 30 minutes.

You may be required to meet our construction crew more then once if we are required to put our service box (or ONT) inside your home.

Q. Why would I need the service box (ONT) inside my home?

A. If you have a security system at your house we will need to install our service box inside your house. There may be other special situations that arise where the box will need to be inside your home, we will work with you in those circumstances. It may also require multiple in-home visits for us to fully install services to your home.

Q. Why are you converting my services? I am happy with what I have?

A. While your services may be operating to your expectations, CTC is completing the fiber project so that we can offer more reliable services to all of our members. The need for faster Internet and more TV options are becoming much more indemand and fiber optics will allow CTC to offer those services to all our members.

We cannot afford to maintain two separate networks so we will need to convert all customers so you can continue to have your services.

Q. When will I get fiber optic service to my home?

A. We are looking to begin hooking up home services spring 2014. We will be contacting our members to set up a time for us to convert you to fiber.

Q. Can I get TV service with fiber optics?

A. YES, you will have access to TV services to every TV in your home, including High Definition Channels and DVR which are available as an add on cost to your TV subscription.

Q. How fast of a speed can I get with my Internet?

A. CTC will offer speeds at 5 MB download, all the way up to 30 MB downloads.

Q. Will I be able to receive HD and DVR services?

A. Yes

Q. What is HD and DVR?

A. HD is High Definition TV. You can subscribe to the CTC HD channel lineup for an additional cost per month. You need an HD compatible TV to view HD channels.

DVR is Digital Video Recorder. It is a Set Top Box CTC hooks up to your TV that allows you to record your favorite shows and watch them when you want. You can pause TV, Rewind Live TV and fast forward recorded shows. It’s one of our most popular services!




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