CTCTV for Home.

CTCTV offers you the best in entertainment with TV Everywhere and Whole Home DVR. CTCTV also offers HD, sports channels, kid friendly programming, and much more. Bundle your TV, High Speed Internet, and Phone and you’ll save on your entertainment monthly with the local support you love from CTC.
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Channel Lineup.

Experience TV like you never have before with CTCTV. With over 165 channels in standard definition and over 90 channels available in 1080p HD, you’ll find the channels you love.

Pay Per View.

CTCTV offers you Pay Per View concerts, fights, WWE events, and more on Channel 110 in standard definition. You can also watch live UFC fights in HD on Channel 610.

TV Everywhere.

Now your TV goes wherever you go with TV Everywhere. With CTCTV you have the flexibility to watch TV on your time, on just about any device, just about anywhere.

Whole Home DVR.

Watching TV on your own schedule has never been so easy. With Whole Home DVR, you can record all of your favorite shows and watch them on any TV in the house with a CTC set-top box.

Skitter TV.

Are you tired of paying the increasing cost of cable TV? CTC now offers Skitter TV, a video service delivered over the internet that includes 30 TV channels including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX.


Interactive Applications.

Apps are used daily on your smartphone and tablet. With CTC TV you can use our interactive app right from your TV. Just press the “Go Interactive” button on your remote to access the latest news, weather, and much more!

Time Shift.

If you’ve ever sat down to watch TV and the show you wanted to watch was already halfway over, Time Shift is for you. Lakeland TV, CBS, NBC, and ABC are all available 6 hours into the past without having to record them from DVR. Just turn on the channel and press rewind.