Smart Home.

Full-featured home monitoring provides your family with protection and freedom at an affordable price all at the palm of your hand. CTC Smart Home Monitoring is accessible from virtually any smart device or internet connection. Customize your home monitoring system to meet your specific needs.

Smart Home Features.

Set lighting routines on a schedule when on vacation or set lights to turn on when your door is opened.

Set schedules for energy savings and comfort or receive notifications when the temperature drops below or above a preset level.

Combine the Wireless Camerawith the Door Lock or Door Sensor to trigger a photo capture to be sent to your email or mobile device or login for a live view.

Choose any location within range of the gateway to monitor for water leaks in your home.

Get an alert when a door, window, or cabinet is opened. Combine this sensor with theWireless Camera to take a snapshot when it is triggered.

Open your door any time you aren’t home, provide keyless access, or receive a notification when the door is opened. This device can trigger theIndoor/Outdoor Lighting Control, the Wireless Camera, or even the Thermostat.

Combine this sensor with theWireless Camera or Lighting Control to turn on indoor or outdoor lighting or capture a photo with the Wireless Camera.


On your smartphone or tablet, save the site to your home screen for quick access!

Access the Smart Home App by visiting on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Smart Home Reviews.

Check out what people are saying about CTC Smart Home:

“When the weather drops to -20 degrees, it’s nice to be able to check and adjust the temperature of your house when I’m away so my pipes don’t freeze.”

“I love getting text notifications when my doors are unlocked. I know my kids have made it home safely.”

“The external lighting controls work great for my Christmas lights. I can control them through my smartphone or set rules to turn them on and off.”

“I use the camera in the baby’s room, it’s nice to be able to watch him from my phone.”

“The door locks are great for my cabin, I can unlock the doors for guests or if my hands are full. We can also check the temperature of the cabin in the winter when we’re not up there.”

“I was out hunting when I received a text I had water in my basement. I was able to have someone check on my house as soon as I was notified.”

Smart Home Pricing.

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